Kid Audition Cast/Crew Announcement

Thank you to the 60+ students who auditioned for a role in Annie! We regret that we could not cast them all, but hope to see them all audition again next year!

Congratulation to the following:


Cael Allen                           Walnut Creek, 3rd Grade

Dane Crews                        Walnut Creek, 4th Grade

Tierney Eason                    Walnut Creek, 3rd Grade

Haleigh Ann House           Eagle Heights, 2nd Grade

Hanna Goodrich                Walnut Creek, 4th Grade

Adam Keltner                     Silver Creek, 4th Grade

Brynn Lee                           Azle Elementary, 5th Grade

Jake Mobley                        Hoover Elementary, 6th Grade

Tech Apprentice

Erica Horning                           Lights                                 Forte, 8th Grade

Hunter Legan                           Lights & Sound                  Forte, 7th Grade

Alyssa Moen                             Lights & Sound                  Azle JH, 7th Grade

Dylan Moen                              Lights & Sound                  Azle JH, 8th Grade

Michael Murray                       Lights & Sound                  Azle JH, 8th Grade

For the students listed above, please find the cast/crew show shirt order form here. You will receive further information in an email soon. Congratulations again!